About Me

Hi! I’m Kunal, a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University studying Business and Computer Science.

On campus, I am part of an amazing team at ScottyLabs where we build tech and host workshops, including our flagship hackathon, Tartanhacks. I also attend entrepreneurship-focused meetings at the UEA club, Swartz Center, and CMU T&E. Aside from those activities, I play tennis, ping-pong, and the electric guitar!

Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to speak at and attend several large technology and environment-related conferences, work with companies like Novartis and OpenAI, and launch a healthcare startup called Delphus. These experiences have helped me grow incredibly as a person and professional. You can learn more about my other experiences here.

Professionally, I am extremely interested in both early-stage (Pre-seed, Seed, Series-A) venture capital and product management. I believe both of those opportunities can be extremely impactful and informative, as you both learn from and work with some of the best engineers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. I am especially focused on the healthcare, SaaS, and education industries as I believe their potential to improve our lives is limitless.

If you’re at all interested in anything I wrote here or on the rest of the website (or you just want to chat about literally anything interesting), feel free to reach out through my socials or book a time here.

I look forward to hearing from you!