Review - The Sword of Kaigen 🔪

A riveting story, complete with one of the best characterizations and developments that I’ve read in a book, alongside impressive worldbuilding. I picked up Sword of Kaigen, without ever hearing about the author, and my only interest really being its superpowers having similarities to ATLA (one of my favorite shows)… and I ended up dropping everything to binge this book in 72 hours, already having planned a reread.

However, this went even above my expectations even if it were overhyped to me. The early parts of the book were a bit lengthy with the homebrewed language being a bit rough around the edges (I had to keep glancing back at the glossary) and the worldbuilding monologues being somewhat out of place. However, the story continued to stabilize itself as it went on, with the world being shaped in the eyes of the two main characters, Mamoru and Misaki. I would honestly say that this book ended up being an almost coming-of-age type story disguised as a war and adventure novel, which I enjoyed a lot.

From here on, I’ll be going into more depth into what exactly struck me about this book, which undoubtedly contain spoilers. If you’d like to experience the book for yourself, and wholeheartedly recommend doing so, please turn back at this point!

The characters and how they developed the story were the main driving points behind what made me keep turning the page, even when it was 4 AM and I really needed to sleep. In a kind of unconventional style, I’m going to do the rest of this review by talking about each major character individually: